Joe Biden Warned In January That Trump Would Fail On The Coronavirus

In January, former vice president Joe Biden warned the nation that Donald Trump had left the United States weak and unprepared for the coronavirus.

Biden wrote in a USA Today opinion piece:

The possibility of a pandemic is a challenge Donald Trump is unqualified to handle as president. I remember how Trump sought to stoke fear and stigma during the 2014 Ebola epidemic. He called President Barack Obama a “dope” and “incompetent” and railed against the evidence-based response our administration put in place — which quelled the crisis and saved hundreds of thousands of lives — in favor of reactionary travel bans that would only have made things worse. He advocated abandoning exposed and infected American citizens rather than bringing them home for treatment.

Trump’s demonstrated failures of judgment and his repeated rejection of science make him the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health challenge.


To be blunt, I am concerned that the Trump administration’s shortsighted policies have left us unprepared for a dangerous epidemic that will come sooner or later.

Joe Biden was one hundred percent correct, and it is important to remind people of the facts as the Trump administration is trying to rewrite the immediate history of their coronavirus response. Trump is doesn’t have any of the traits that a president needs to lead the country through a pandemic.

His decisionmaking is slow, impulsive, illogical, and terrible. Trump places himself ahead of the national interest at every turn. Trump sees everything as a political issue to spun for his own benefit.

Former vice president warned the country at a time when Trump was downplaying the virus and referring to it as a Democratic hoax.

Leadership and competence matter.

Joe Biden has both, while Donald Trump has none.