Mike Pence Falls Apart As Wolf Blitzer Recites Trump’s Downplaying of Coronavirus

Mike Pence tried to claim that Trump has never belittled the coronavirus, so Wolf Blitzer rattled off statements from Trump belittling the coronavirus threat.

Blitzer said that Trump had belittled the threat of this virus and asked Pence why a national stay at home order had not been issued.

Pence replied, “I don’t believe that the president has ever belittled the threat of this virus.”

Wolf Blitzer interrupted him and said, “I was suggesting he was saying at one point it wasn’t as bad as the regular flu. He was talking about automobile accidents. He seemed to be suggesting at one point there were 15 cases it would get down to zero very quickly. That was what I was basing that sentence on.”

Pence replied with the laughable claim that Trump, who spews negativity and attacks every single day, is an optimistic person.


Trump spent weeks downplaying the virus. It was just recently that he was claiming that the coronavirus would wash away with the spring. Trump tried to claim that since people also die in car accidents, they should go back to work and not worry about the coronavirus.

The main reason why hundreds of thousands of Americans will die from this virus is that Trump and Pence wasted critical preparation time before the virus arrived. Trump had months of advanced warning and did nothing.

Pence couldn’t answer why Trump downplayed the virus and still refuses to issue a national stay at home order. The vice president faceplanted when confronted with facts, and his response showed why political people should not be leading the coronavirus task force.

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