Rachel Maddow Slams Donald Trump’s Fatal Insanity


Rachel Maddow didn’t pull any punches as she called Trump’s coronavirus response insane in terms of policy and ethics, and noted that it would be fatal.

Maddow said while discussing the Trump administration’s refusal to issue a national stay at home order:

But without a national policy for what we are supposed to do to head off those rising numbers, that kind of patchwork is what you get. Maybe the governors don’t have stay-at-home orders, or maybe they did not watch the “Today” show, there was a stay-at-home order? Which some says never the less to interpret as our federal government’s new policies. It is insane at this point. It is insane at this point.

You look at the other countries in the world that have an outbreak as bad as us. Well, we stand alone. You look at other countries in the world who had terrible outbreaks at least they had a national policy. It is insane. It is fatal. It is insane in terms of policies and leadership, and ethics. It is also insane in terms of how grossly mismanaged the federal government piece of this already is.



Maddow was right. Calling the unfolding tragedy in the United States unnecessary downplays how grossly mismanaged, and insane the Trump response has been. Trump had tried to use a pandemic that is going to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans as a platform to get hours of cable news coverage per day.

Trump has shown no interest in the medical crisis itself, as he spends his days glued to the television and dreaming of tax cuts that spur an economic revival.

Over 900 Americans have died from the coronavirus today, and all that the nation is getting from its federal government is lethal insanity.

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