Trump Is Demanding Tax Cuts As Coronavirus Deaths Double

US coronavirus deaths have doubled in the last three days, and Donald Trump is responding by demanding tax cuts for restaurants and entertainment.

Trump tweeted:

The President called for tax cuts as the coronavirus death toll passed 4,000, “The death toll in the United States surpassed 4,000 and it continued to far outstrip other nations with more than 200,000 confirmed infections, about 20 percent of the global total.”

As a practical policy matter, the tax cut won’t help businesses right away. A tax cut would only help when the consumers file taxes next year. It was the tax cut bill that Trump signed in 2017 that eliminated the ability to itemize and deduct many business expenses, so the deduction that Trump wants back is one that he took away.

People are dying by the thousands with the epidemic not close to its peak, and Trump is tweeting about tax deductions. The President is completely out of touch with reality, as he is desperately searching for a magic fix that immediately revives the economy and saves his fading presidency.

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