MSNBC Dumps and Cuts Away From Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing

Trump started the coronavirus briefing by talking about stopping the illicit drug trade, so MSNBC cut away from the briefing because he wasn’t discussing the pandemic.

Video of MSNBC cutting away from Trump:

MSNBC’s decision to cut away from Trump follows CNN’s decision yesterday not televise Trump’s opening remarks of the briefing, but instead to join it in progress after the medical experts began to speak.

The networks have clearly heard the criticism from viewers over their unfiltered airing of Trump’s propaganda. They are not going to allow the president a platform to talk about anything he wants and push his agenda when it is not related to the pandemic.

Trump’s boasting about his briefing ratings has backfired. When the president decided that the briefings were a reality show, the cable networks have made the decision not to play along.

Listening in to these briefings and not giving them wall to wall coverage is the right decision. Trump is using the briefings as a substitute for his rallies, so the networks that aren’t Fox News are pulling the plug.

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