Biden Slams Trump For Delaying Stimulus So That He Can Sign The Checks


Joe Biden slammed Donald Trump for delaying coronavirus stimulus payments because he wants his signature to appear on the checks.

Biden said, This may sound straightforward, but no American should have to wait a single minute so Donald Trump can put his signature on a physical check. It isn’t about hi pam. It’s about families who need the cash now. Payments should be electronically made or via pre-paid debit card, and they should be going out the door now.”



Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that many Americans won’t be receiving their stimulus checks for up to 20 weeks. In five months, $1,200 will be less than nothing. People have rent, mortgages, car payments, and utility bills due right now.

Millions of Americans should have to wait five months because Donald Trump wants credit for the stimulus.

Biden was right. The checks aren’t about Donald Trump. Voters aren’t going to care if Trump’s name does not appear on the check. They need money today.

Joe Biden gets it. Biden understands people and their needs. Former Vice President Biden also understands the meaning of public service.

Donald Trump is going to make the economic trauma worse for millions of Americans because he has to sign the checks.

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