Chuck Schumer Tells Trump That More People Will Die If He Doesn’t Grow Up And Do His Job

Hours after Donald Trump sent him a childish letter blaming impeachment for the coronavirus outbreak, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hit back, telling the president to grow up and do his job or more people will die.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Sen. Schumer explained that he reached out to the president multiple times on Thursday to offer suggestions for how to get medical supplies where it’s most needed.

Instead of taking his advice like an adult, Trump lashed out at Schumer like a toddler that just had a toy taken from him.

“I’m just appalled,” the Democratic lawmaker said in response to Trump’s tantrum. “I say to the president, just stop the pettiness, people are dying.”

Schumer added, “I sent the letter with the best of intentions, trying to improve a very bad situation.”


Sen. Schumer said:

So this morning, I sent the president a letter and said why don’t you invoke the Defense Production Act and put in place a military person. Somebody who knows command and control. Someone who knows logistics. Someone who knows quarter-mastering to not only commandeer factories and supply chains to make the stuff we need, desperately need but also distribute it in the places that are most needed, so not the 50 governors will be hunting and pecking. And then I spoke to the president late this afternoon and explained it and the result is this letter. And so I’m just appalled. I say to the president just stop the pettiness, people are dying. And so President Trump, we need leadership. We need to get the job done. Stop the pettiness. Let’s get it done. Let’s roll up our sleeves. I sent the letter with the best of intentions trying to improve a very bad situation.

Trump’s incompetence has already cost lives

There is no question that Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States has made this emergency much worse and more deadly.

As The Daily Beast pointed out on Thursday, the Army predicted two months ago that the coronavirus outbreak could lead to the death of up to 150,000 Americans – in a worst case scenario.

Now, after Trump spent weeks downplaying the virus, it has spread at an alarming rate through all 50 states. The number of infections and deaths continues to rise.

That worst-case scenario presented by the Army back in February has become the Trump administration’s new best-case scenario, and that is largely because this president failed to set aside petty politics and act.

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