New Video Shows How Even Republicans Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response


Anti-Trump conservative group Republicans for the Rule of Law released a video criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The video was posted to YouTube earlier this morning.

“Even though I’ve been a Republican all my life, I can’t support Trump and his response to the coronavirus is exactly why five self-identified Republican voters from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona say in the video.

They add: “He told us this infection would just go away, even as it ripped across other countries. He’s been lying to us about available testing. He has squandered the one advantage that America had: time to prepare. He says he puts America first, but it’s clear he only knows how to put Trump first. This is a crisis, and we need real leadership. Donald Trump is incapable of it.”


You can watch the video below:

Bill Kristol, Director of Republicans for the Rule of Law, said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “When President Trump lied about the coronavirus, about its seriousness, and about the government’s response to it, he damaged the very foundation of our government. The coronavirus is a threat to our people. But the president’s mendacity is a threat to our Constitution.”

The president warned Democrats against pursuing an investigation into his response to the crisis during a briefing yesterday.

I want to remind everyone here in our nation’s capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics,” Trump said. “Endless partisan investigations — here we go again — have already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years.”

“In the end, the people doing the investigating have been losing, and they’ve been losing by a lot,” he continued, adding that Democrats should “not waste time and build up my poll numbers, because that’s all they’re doing, because everyone knows it’s ridiculous.”

The novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of at least 6,098 Americans according to the current statistics.