Senate Republicans Plow Ahead With Hunter Biden Investigation Despite Pandemic

Senate Republicans are proceeding with a probe into Hunter Biden despite the ongoing global pandemic. Democrats have clashed with GOP senators about investigating Joe Biden’s son.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee intends to continue its investigation even though the Senate is not sitting. The committee is led by Republicans.

A spokesperson for committee Chair Senator Ron Johnson confirmed a Biden probe was still on the agenda.

“While the chairman is primarily focused on the once-in-a-generation crisis we’re experiencing, our oversight staff is continuing to push ahead with their work,” Austin Altenburg said.

“Nothing has changed in our long-term plans for our investigations.”

The probe will involve Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine. President Donald Trump’s impeachment was a result of allegations concerning his attempts to get dirt on former Vice President Biden and his son.

Democrats have slammed the investigation as unnecessary and partisan. They claim that accusations against the Bidens are groundless and that potential foreign witnesses are unreliable.

“I frankly think that that is a line of inquiry that has already been pursued over and over and over. And not a single credible journalistic outlet has concluded that the former vice president did anything wrong,” said Democratic Senator Chris Coons.

“And so, they can keep pushing that narrative and keep trying to bring that up and try to make that work,” he said.

Republican efforts to investigate Hunter Biden have reportedly increased since former Vice President Biden racked up a series of primary wins on Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden has repeatedly said that neither he nor his son did anything illegal. Critics of the Republican investigation have compared it to attempts to damage Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

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