Trump Ignores Fauci And Rejects Issuing National Stay At Home Order

Trump is ignoring the recommendation of Dr. Fauci and refusing to issue a national stay at home order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump said when asked about Dr. Fauci’s desire for a national stay at home order, “I leave it up to the governors. The governors know what they’re doing. I guess we’re close to 90% anyway. And states that we’re talking about are not in jeopardy. No. I would leave to it the governors. I like that from the standpoint of governing, and I like that from the standpoint of even our constitution.”


A national stay at home order would mean that Trump owns the pandemic. Trump is doing everything he can to try to blame the governors for the spread of coronavirus. Trump is also sabotaging public health instructions on wearing a mask.

The coronavirus doesn’t respect state boundaries. Experts are warning that the Articles of Confederation style of stay at home orders are going to make the crisis last longer and kill more people.

Other nations have already demonstrated that national stay at home orders is one of the best ways to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Donald Trump is going to kill more Americans because he would rather play politics than do what is necessary to stop the virus.

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