Trump Just Blamed Barack Obama For The Coronavirus Spread

Trump is trying to blame Barack Obama for his administration’s failure to prepare the country for the coronavirus, and the spread of the virus.

Trump was asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta who dropped the ball?

He answered:

Previous administrations gave us very little ammunition for the military and very little shelf — let me just tell it. You know it. You know the answer. The previous administration, the shelves were empty. The shelves were empty. So what you should do is speak to the people from the previous administration, Jim, and ask them that question.

Because the shelves were empty. You know what else? The military shelves were also empty. We had no ammunition, literally. That was said by one of your favorite generals. We have, sir, we have no ammunition. Guess what? We had very little medical supply also.



It wasn’t Barack Obama who disbanded the White House Pandemic Office. Donald Trump called the virus a Democratic hoax. Trump has refused to issue a national stay at home order, refused to invoke the Defense Production Act and has failed to provide adequate coronavirus test kits.

Barack Obama was preparing the nation for a pandemic. Donald Trump undid all of Obama’s efforts, and then when the pandemic arrived, wasted critical time playing politics and promising that it would “wash away.”

The person who owns the deaths of thousands and the economic collapse that is just beginning is Donald Trump, not Barack Obama.