Trump Is Still Pouting And Refusing To Talk To Nancy Pelosi

Even as the coronavirus kills thousands of Americans, Donald Trump is still mad and Nancy Pelosi and refusing to speak to her.

Trump was asked about talking to Pelosi.

He answered, “If it were important to talk to her, I’d talk to her. If it was important for the American people, I’d talk to her. But other than that, I can have other people talking to her. Look you ready? Infrastructure is a great thing for me.”


Americans are dying by the thousands, and Trump is still refusing to talk to the Speaker of the House because she tore up his State of the Union speech. Trump then goes on to brag about how infrastructure will be such a good issue for him. The President didn’t say that the infrastructure bill would be a great way to put the unemployed back to work.

Even in the middle of a pandemic, for Donald Trump, everything is about him.

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