Devin Nunes Calls Coronavirus Impacted Homeless People Drug Addicted Zombies

Rep. Devin Nunes was asked about the coronavirus crisis and California’s homeless population, and he described homeless people as drug-addicted zombies.

Nunes said, “The situation out here in California with the homeless population is quite dire. That was before the coronavirus. It’s almost like zombie apocalypse. I know you’ve seen the pictures. You guys have showed this on Fox News about San Francisco and Los Angeles, but you have to understand, I’ve got several thousand just in my district, so the homeless population is spread across California. It’s largely due because we let our criminals out, so we pass laws to let our multiple convicted drug abusers out. Now, look, I call it zombie apocalypse because a lot of these people have done drugs for a long period of time. They’just, they’re not well.”

Video of Nunes on Fox and Friends:

Nunes much like Trump doesn’t understand that viruses don’t care if someone has a home or is homeless. The homeless are not all drug-addicted zombies, and Nunes comments are a way for those on the right to justify not helping the homeless. Rep. Nunes’s comments also appeared to suggest that being homeless is an advantage because they are outdoors and socially distanced.

Devin Nunes has been going on Fox News and spreading false and misleading information since the virus became a crisis in the US.

Nunes and Fox News are only making the pandemic worse with their lies and attacks on the people who are most vulnerable to infection.

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