Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Trump’s Lack Of A National Plan Will Get More People Killed

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) said that Donald Trump’s refusal to adopt a national coronavirus plan would result in more Americans getting sick and dying.

Transcript of Gov. Whitmer on Fox News Sunday:
WALLACE: And the feds, the president said yesterday, just sent 300 ventilators to Michigan. So does the president have a point about where the prime responsibility here lies?

WHITMER: Well, let me start with this. I’m grateful for the help that we’ve gotten. The 300 ventilators will save 300 lives, maybe 600 if we can use one vent for two people, like doctors are working on here in Michigan.

But I will say this, not having a national strategy where there is one policy for the country as opposed to a patchwork based on whomever the governor is, is something that I think is creating a more porous situation where Covid-19 will go longer and more people will get sick and — and, sadly, more lives may get lost. And that’s precisely why I think we all have to do our jobs.

We are not one another’s enemy. The enemy is Covid-19. And it has to be all hands on deck, from the federal level, to the state level, to the local level. And that’s precisely what we’re trying to do because Covid-19, as I said, doesn’t discriminate on party line or state line, and that’s why we have to have a national strategy and we all have to be working on the same team.


Gov. Whitmer correctly identified the problem. There is no national strategy because Donald Trump doesn’t view America as one team against the virus. Trump has placed his own interests ahead of the country throughout his presidency. It is no surprise that his behavior would not change even as hundreds of thousands of his own citizens are getting sick and dying.

Trump does not believe in concepts like country and sacrifice.

Donald Trump is trying to manage the coronavirus so that he can win reelection.
The coronavirus hasn’t changed anything.

The Trump mentality remains Donald first, the country last.

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