Trump Tells Americans To Go Get Prescriptions For Giuliani’s Unproven Coronavirus Treatments

Trump held a coronavirus briefing that contained no new facts but told people to go get prescriptions for Giuliani’s unproven coronavirus treatment.

Trump said:

We’re working with the states in almost all instances, but we have a great system. And the other thing we bought a tremendous amount of is the hydroxychloroquine, hydroxychloroquine which I think as you know it’s a malaria drug, works unbelievably, powerful drug it works on malaria. There are signs it works on this, strong signs. In the meantime, it’s been around a long time. It also works very powerfully on Lupus, Lupus. So there are some very strong powerful signs, and we’ll have to see because, again, it’s being tested now.

This is a new thing that just happened to us, the invisible enemy, we call it. And if you can, if you have no signs of heart problems, azithromycin. If you don’t have a heart problem, let your doctor think about it. As a combination, I think there are two things that should be looked at very strongly.

Now, we have purchased and we have stockpiled 29 million pills of the hydroxychloroquine — 29 million. A lot of drugstores have them by prescription and also — and they’re not expensive. Also we’re sending to various labs, we’re sending them to the hospitals, we’re sending them all over. I just think it’s something — you know the expression I’ve used it for certain reasons, what do you have to lose, what do you have to lose? A lot of people are saying — and are taking it. If you’re a doctor, a nurse, a first responder, a medical person going into hospitals, they say taking it before the fact is good, but what do you have to lose?

They say take it. I’m not looking at it one way or the other, but we want to get out of this. If it does work, it would be a shame if we didn’t do it early. But we have some very good signs. You have to go through your medical people. I’ve seen things I sort of like. What do I know, I’m not a doctor. I’m not a doctor, but I have common sense. The fda feels good about it. As you know, they’ve approved it. They gave it a rapid approval. And the reason because it’s been out there for a long time, and they know the side effects and they also know the potential. So based on that, we have sent it throughout the country. We have it stockpiled, about 29 million doses, 29 million doses. So we have a lot of it. We hope it works.


Trump isn’t getting this information from scientists or medical experts. He is getting it from his personal science adviser, Rudy Giuliani.
No one should be comfortable with taking medical advice from Rudy Giuliani, and one has to wonder how much money Trump and Giuliani stand to make from pushing the sales of an unproven treatment.

The Sunday coronavirus briefing wasn’t scheduled, and it has been a total waste of time.

Trump had no new information. He wanted to be on camera, as he is trying to push unproven treatments and undercut the grim warning from his own surgeon general on the Sunday shows.

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