Biden Called Trump To Tell Him What He Should Be Doing On The Coronavirus

As Trump fumbles his way through daily coronavirus briefings, former Vice President Joe Biden talked to Trump and gave him suggestions for handling the virus.

Biden Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tweeted:

Trump appears to have not listened to a single word that was said as he held another coronavirus briefing to tell the country what a great job he thinks he’s doing. According to Trump, all of the governors are happy and think that he is doing a tremendous job.

Notice what was missing in the Biden campaign statement about the call. Biden didn’t do what the White House wanted. He didn’t pledge his support to Trump, and the tell the president what a wonderful job he is doing.

While Trump is trying to sell death and failure as success, Joe Biden knows what the nation needs in this battle. As Trump tries to talk his way out of a pandemic, former vice president Biden is acting like the leader that the nation needs.

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