New Poll: Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump By 6 Points in Florida


Joe Biden is beating President Donald Trump by 6 points in Florida, a new poll says. A strong showing in the crucial swing state will be welcome news for the former Vice President.

Biden leads Trump by 46% to 40% in a University of North Florida (UNF) poll released on Monday. Trump won the state in 2016. It will be crucial for his reelection.

The Director of UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab, Michael Binder, said people should view the poll with caution.


“I would exercise caution when looking at these numbers, first these are registered voters — not likely voters,” Binder said.

“Second, the campaign season has screeched to a grinding halt and people are rightly less focused on politics.”

The pollsters surveyed 3,244 registered  voters in Florida. This type of voter narrowly favored Trump in 2016.

Binder said the numbers could show that “something may be changing in Florida ahead of the election.”

UNF polling also shows that Floridians don’t trust President Trump on Coronavirus. Just 41% said they trusted the President to provide reliable information on the virus.

Respondents also disapproved of Trump’s handling of Coronavirus by 53% to 45%. By contrast, 51% approved of Governor Ron DeSantis’ performance. This is still lower than the Republican’s approval before the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, 85% of respondents approved of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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