Trump Breaks Down And Claims HHS Report Showing His Coronavirus Failure Is A Political Plot

Trump claimed that an HHS IG report revealing that hospitals still lack testing and supplies is wrong and a political plot to get him.

Trump was when asked about the HHS IG report, “t’s just wrong. Did I hear the word inspector general? Really? It’s wrong.”

Trump demanded to know the name of the Inspector General, and then suggested that the report was a political plot against him, “We’ve done more testing and had more results than any country anywhere in the world. They’re doing an incredible job. Now they’re all calling us. They want our testing, what are we doing? How do you do the five-minute test? So give me the name of the inspector general. Could politics enter into that?”


These briefings really aren’t briefings at all. As soon as Trump started showing up and taking center stage, the briefing less about information, and all about Donald Trump spreading propaganda. In this same briefing, Trump attacked a reporter for not telling him that he is doing a good job.

Trump wants to be a war president so badly, but he can’t keep it together long enough to pretend to be a competent leader.

Increasingly, these briefings have become fertile festivals for Trump to showcase his paranoia. The hospitals of America aren’t out to get him. They are telling the truth. The virus is storming the country because Trump has failed in response to the crisis.

Donald Trump’s made-up numbers can’t cover up the thousands of dead American bodies that are accumulating every single day.

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