Joe Biden: “We Have to Make Our Democracy” Function While Fighting the Pandemic


Joe Biden says the presidential election must take place in spite of fighting Coronavirus. The former Vice President stressed that the U.S. can and must do both.

Biden spoke to the third hour of NBC’s TODAY show on Tuesday. The Democratic front runner told Craig Melvin that he welcomed alternatives to in person voting.

Melvin asked Biden what would happen if Coronavirus was not contained by election day, 2020.


“We’re going to have to conduct the election on November 3,” Biden said.

“We have to make our democracy, as well as dealing with disease, function,” he said.

Watch the video:

“We can do both. We should be thinking now ahead. Have all the experts in both political parties and academia laying out what it would take to have voting by mail.”

“I’d much prefer to have in person voting,” Biden said. “But it depends.”

“It depends on the state of play but we cannot – we cannot delay or postpone a constitutionally required November election.”

Biden also said he would not call on Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race despite his own significant delegate lead.

“It’s a hard, hard decision and Bernie has a lot of really devoted followers,” Biden said.

“It’s a difficult decision to make but it’s his to make.  I’m not gonna suggest what he should do.”

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