Trump claims Ivana created 15 million jobs

Trump Holds White House Event To Insanely Claim That Ivanka Trump Created 15 Million Jobs

Trump held a publicity stunt White House event where he falsely claimed that his daughter Ivanka has created 15 million jobs in the US economy.

Trump said, “My daughter, Ivanka Trump, who just wants to have people working. I gave her lots of options. What do you like? She created over 15 million jobs working with some of you, with some of the biggest companies in the world. They were training and training like nobody’s ever seen. She started off with a goal of 500,000 jobs, and now she’s up over 15 million.”


Every time that he speaks about it, the number gets bigger, but Ivanka Trump did not create 15 million jobs or any job as an unpaid senior adviser to her dad.

A Washington Post fact check found, “Under the auspices of a workforce policy advisory board co-chaired by Ivanka Trump, about 200 companies have pledged to offer more than 6.5 million training opportunities to workers over the next five years.”

These are not jobs. The White House policy advisory board chaired by Ivanka Trump gets pledges for training opportunities for existing workers.

Trump is claiming that his daughter has more than twice as many jobs as the entire economy.

It’s an absurd claim, and one born of Trump’s desire to get his daughter publicity at a White House while trying to do damage control over the rollout of the Payroll Protection Act.

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