Rachel Maddow Trump worst coronavirus response on Earth

Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump For The Worst Coronavirus Response On Earth

Rachel Maddow hammered President Donald Trump and showed how his ineptitude created the worst coronavirus response on Earth.

Maddow said:

So as you can see, by late January, China was dealing with an explosive outbreak. But even as that country started to grapple with tens of thousands of cases, the rest of the world remained largely unscathed. By late February, however, there’s South Korea, there’s Italy, there’s Iran, all reporting thousands of cases, and now, here, watch what happens, at the beginning of March, look at the speed at which the U.S. Epidemic starts to take off.

By the end of March, we have surpassed everyone, and from that point on, cases in the U.S. continue to grow with astonishing speed, by the thousands, and then by the tens of thousands, and nobody is even close. That, that is the proof in the pudding. That is the data that shows a failed national response. The worst failed national response on Earth. How our response is an international disaster, because of the way our unchecked unmitigated spread of the virus, now dominates the pandemic worldwide. And dominates the human prevalence of this virus on Earth. Patchwork. Late. Denialist. Fantasist. Uncoordinated. Inept. Unscientific confusion in national policy leads to this. Leads to a run-away disaster.

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Maddow was right. The disaster in the US was caused by Donald Trump’s failure to produce a response the national level. Other countries that took national action didn’t see this sort of spread of the virus. Even Italy, eventually locked down and saw the tide turn.

Trump has refused to take national action against the pandemic, so the defense system has been relegated to a patchwork Articles of Confederation style system to a national crisis. Trump’s refusal to lead has caused an international disaster. The United States was once the strongest nation on the planet, but Trump’s ineptitude has allowed a virus to bring the nation to its knees.

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