Trump’s Approval Rating Crashes Back To Earth Amid Coronavirus

The Trump bump is long gone as the president’s job approval rating has returned to the same range it has been for his entire presidency amid the coronavirus crisis.

According to a new poll from Monmouth University:

Americans have become more negative on the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, with 46% saying he has done a good job and 49% saying he has done a bad job. Just over two weeks ago, he received marginally positive reviews of 50% good job and 45% bad job.

Those saying he has done a good job range from 87% of Republicans to 45% of independents and just 16% of Democrats. Trump’s overall job rating has also ticked down, now standing at 44% approve and 49% disapprove. Last month he earned a 46% to 48% rating, but his current numbers look more like his 44% to 50% rating in February. It is important to note that the differences in Trump’s job rating from February to March to April are all within the survey sample margin of error.

For the past year, Trump’s approval rating in the Monmouth University poll has been 40%-44% each month except March 2020. The more Trump appears on television at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing, the worse his numbers appear to be getting.

The poll also revealed that the American people want the federal government to do be doing more, not playing backup to the states, as Trump has consistently suggested in his briefings.

The minor improvement that Trump saw in his approval ratings when the crisis began is history. As Trump is trying to speed the economy open, and blame others, his inept response to the virus is costing him with voters.

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