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Trump Loses It And Says Democrats Steal Elections At Coronavirus Briefing

Trump was set off by a question about mail-in voting that led him to claim that Democrats steal elections with mail-in voting.

Trump confused taking people off the voter rolls with voter fraud, and then added, “But if you’re a senior citizen and if you’re somebody that needs it, I’m all for it. But they have to be very careful, because you know the things with bundling and all of the things that are happening with votes by mail where thousands of votes are gathered, and I’m not going to say which party does it, but thousands of votes are gathered and they come in and they’re dumped in a location, and all of the sudden you lose elections that you think you’re going to win. I won’t stand for it. Well, we’re going to find out about the proof, because you’re going see what’s going on. And I’m not going to stand for it.”

With no evidence, Trump accused Democrats of using mail-in voting to steal elections.


Trump doesn’t like mail-in voting because it would allow more people to vote. The only evidence that mail-in or absentee voting was used to rig an election happened when a Republican House candidate did so in 2018, and that was not voter fraud, an act of fraud committed by the voter, it was election fraud committed by a Republican campaign.

Donald Trump has zero evidence to support his bogus claim that Democrats steal elections. It was Trump, not the Democrats who were helped by Russia in 2016. It’s Trump’s party that continues to do everything in their power to make voting more difficult.

It is embarrassing and dangerous for a president to try to delegitimize the election process during a pandemic, but that is exactly what Trump is doing.

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