Biden Blasts Trump For Spreading Racism Against Asian-Americans


Joe Biden called out Trump for spreading casual racism and hate against Asian-Americans and doing nothing to protect them from hate and attack.

Former Vice President Biden said:

COVID-19 is a danger to everyone, and we will stop it by coming together, not by targeting people of AAPI heritage. AAPI members of our community are a vital and valued part of the American story. I’ve said from the moment I launched my campaign that we are in a battle for the soul of this nation, and we need our leaders to set the example we all must follow as a nation.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his Administration have failed to show almost any moral leadership when it comes to this issue. Indeed, Trump’s attempts to deflect responsibility away from his own failures in addressing this pandemic by calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” during the White House press briefings stoked feelings of hatred and anger toward AAPIs.


The casual racism and regular xenophobia that we have seen from Trump and this Administration is a national scourge. Donald Trump only knows how to speak to people’s fears, not their better angels. He only ever seeks to place blame, instead of claiming responsibility. In this moment of national and global crisis, it’s clear that we need a president who demonstrates the leadership to address every aspect of this pandemic — including the spate of racist incidents targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders — with urgency and seriousness. Donald Trump is not that president.

Joe Biden is correct. Racism has been a centerpiece of the Trump strategy since he announced his first run for president during the 2016 campaign. Trump used when discussing the coronavirus to blame China and deflect responsibility from himself for a horribly botched national response that should be judged on a scale ranging from woefully inadequate to non-existent.

America needs better, is better, and deserves better than Donald Trump.

Trump can’t hide his failure by dividing the country with racist attacks.

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