Steve Schmidt Predicts Trump Is Going To Go Down As The Worst President In History

Steve Schmidt predicted that by the time Trump is out of office, he will be regarded by historians as the worst Commander in Chief in US history.

Schmidt said on MSNBC:

And so when we would look back in history, what we would have seen from Barack Obama back through Harry Truman is an American president calling for an international convention on pandemics about how we bring the world together. How American leadership can drive towards a solution. Instead, we have the American delegation saying no to a communique because they won’t use the word Wuhan flu.

So it’s theater of the absurd that tops off every evening at the 6:00 follies where the American people are lied to endlessly, where he sows confusion. Where he sows division. Where he attacks the people who need help the most. We’ve never seen a dereliction of duty. We have never seen an unfitness for command. We have never seen a president more visibly failing hour by hour to meet the test of history that we are seeing with Donald John Trump, the 45th president of the United States. And I think, by the time we get to the end of it, someone who will be universally regarded by historians, along with Buchanan, the 15th president who prefaced the Civil War, as the worst commander in chief in American history.


Trump is well on his way to being the worst commander in chief in history. Trump checks all of the boxes for a historically bad president. He has a crisis of his own making, little legislative accomplishment, no lasting policy legacy, he failed to rise to the occasion when the coronavirus arrived, and he has the worst management and leadership skills of any president in history.

Trump was a bottom ten president before the coronavirus pandemic. After his failed performance handling the virus, he is a lock to be last.

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