Trump Falls Apart When Asked How He’ll Know The Virus Is Gone If He Doesn’t Test


Trump was asked how he will know if the virus is in retreat if he doesn’t do widespread testing, and he answered by saying people will stop going to hospitals.

Trump said:

I think we’ll have it in retreat. Will it be today? No. Tomorrow? No. But it will be at a certain point in the not too distant future. It will be gone.



No, because people aren’t going to go to the hospital. People aren’t going to get sick. You know that. But we’re going to do very substantial testing. We’re doing more testing right now than any other country in the world by far. If you’d like to have that question answered, I’ll have the professionals answer it. Perhaps you can come up. We’re doing tremendous testing. But you’ll know. You’ll know before anybody. You’ll see nobody is getting sick anymore. It will be gone and it wouldn’t be that much longer.


Medical experts and governors say that the only way to know that the virus is gone will be through extensive testing. Trump doesn’t want to do the testing, because the United States still lacks the ability to test on a wide scale.

Trump believes that the nation should resume economic activity and let the virus run its course. It is possible that hundreds of thousands to millions of people would die under his plan because the virus would continue to flare up until a vaccine is developed.

Donald Trump has zero interest in protecting America. His only interest is in his reelection campaign.

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