Trump Tells Starving People At Food Banks How Great The Economy Was


Trump offered a humiliating response when he was asked what he would tell people who are standing in line for food at food banks because of job losses.

Trump said:

Number one, I love them. Number two, we’re working really hard. It wasn’t their fault.


We take the strongest economy in the history of the world, more people working in the United States, Peter, than ever before, almost — I mean, look at the numbers. 160 million people, almost, just short of 160 million.

So, we have the greatest economy we have ever had. By the way, Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment, the best numbers in virtually every way and then you get hit like this and it’s traumatic, people who had great jobs that went out to dinner and they didn’t have any problems, they’re making good salaries, all of a sudden cold turkey, they go from having that to no money and waiting for their checks that are being processed very rapidly, it’s a terrible thing. All I say, we love them, we’re working hard, and they’re going to be back, and I hope they’re going to be back even stronger than before.


Trump is incapable of feeling any empathy for the suffering of others. Trump didn’t tell hungry people standing in line at food banks that help is on the way. Donald Trump offered no help. Instead, he sent his love, which is right up there with thoughts and prayers as a useless statement.

People don’t need love. They need food. They need to be able to pay their bills without risking their lives.

The American people need a president who cares about them, not someone who lies about how great the economy was.

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