Bernie Sanders Just Endorsed Biden As Trump’s Nightmare Comes True

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that America needs Joe Biden in the White House during a joint Biden and Sanders live stream event.

Sanders said, “We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president, and we need you in the White House. Now, I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe.”


The live stream event has been a total one-eighty from the events at the end of the 2016 Democratic primary. Sanders and Biden have been jointly discussing the federal response to the coronavirus in a friendly way. Sanders asked Biden if he supported the $15 minimum wage, and Biden said that he is committed to raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

Sanders praised Biden and his campaign for working with his campaign on several issues related task forces.

Trump wanted to use Bernie Sanders to keep the left and Democrats divided. Trump’s goal is to run the exact same campaign that he ran in 2016. The only way for Trump to do this is to keep Sanders supporters and Biden supporters apart.

Not all Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Joe Biden, but the former Vice President doesn’t need every Sanders supporter. He just needs roughly 80,000 more votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are doing all of the right things to unify the party, and give Democrats the united force to defeat Trump that was absent in 2016.

Trump has failed on the coronavirus and he is facing a more united opposition in November as things continue to go from bad to worse for this president.

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