Trump Falsely Claims He Has The Power To Reopen The Economy

Trump falsely claimed that he has the power to end shutdowns and reopen the economy, but the power rests with governors and local officials.

Trump inaccurately tweeted:

Trump, who complained that the Constitution is too hard to read, may think that he has the power to make this decision, but he does not. Trump can’t override orders from governors. Since Trump didn’t declare a national shutdown that he would have had authority over, he has left the power to decide when the economy resumes to the state and local governments.

Donald Trump has no power to reopen the economy.

The President can’t hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside of his DC hotel, declare the economy open, and everything goes back to normal. Economists and economic experts are warning that it could take a year and half for the economy to rebound, and that is if the virus doesn’t return numerous times before there is a vaccine in place.

Trump is going to declare the economy open. Governors are going to leave it closed and Trump will be able to do nothing about it because the states have all of the power.

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