Former Republican Rep. Justin Amash Teases Third Party Presidential Bid

Congressman Justin Amash may be seriously considering running for president in 2020. The former Republican’s recent tweets have fueled speculation about his intentions.

The Michigan representative posted a tweet on Monday arguing that voters who believed like he did but he didn’t approve of President Donald Trump should look elsewhere.

“Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option,” Amash said.

Another user replied to his tweet urging Amash to run for president. The Congressman replied “Thanks. I’m looking at it closely this week.”

Amash left the Republican Party and is a strong critic of the President. He voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment and became something of a star among Trump’s critics.

However, Amash remains a conservative and he has a strong Libertarian bent. Others were quick to dismiss the idea of a third party challenge during a crucial election.

Joe Walsh, another conservative former Republican turned Trump critic, called on Amash not to enter the race.

“No. Not this year,” Walsh tweeted. “We all have one job this year: To beat the criminal in the White House.”

“To do that, we ALL must support the Democratic nominee. Don’t run. 2020 isn’t about you. Or me. Put country first this year. Trump must lose.”

Walsh attempted to launch a primary campaign against Trump for the Republican nomination. But like some others who tried the same thing, he gained little traction with GOP voters.

Rep. Amash has recently criticized Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her response to Coronavirus. Trump has also taken aim at Whitmer.

Many of@GovWhitmer’s latest measures do little to combat COVID-19 but much to curb freedoms and escalate tensions,” Amash tweeted.

“The governor should re-evaluate before she loses public support for more essential health and safety practices.”

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