Trump In Total Collapse As 73% Say The Economy Is Not Good/Poor


The American people are feeling the economic pain caused by President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response as 73% rate the economy as not good or poor.

Via Navigator Research:


Trump’s approval rating on his handling of the coronavirus now matches his job approval rating of 46%. Trump continues to hijack the coronavirus briefings, and it is leading to the worst poll numbers on his response to the virus since early March.

The poll contains one other key finding. Ten percent of those who said that they approved of Donald Trump said that they were doing so because they thought that it was important to support the president during a crisis, which suggests that Trump’s approval rating is overinflated.

Donald Trump’s real approval rating is likely closer to 36% than the 46% that the Navigator Research tracking poll registered.

If the economy is mired in a recession on Election Day, Donald Trump is going to lose. Trump wanted to run his entire reelection campaign on an economy that is now in a state of collapse.

Te coronavirus could make it possible that Trump’s Seinfeld like presidency about nothing will have no issues to run on in November.

The economic pain is here. The American people are feeling it, and once the rally around the flag mentality wears off, Trump’s numbers are going to show it.

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