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Cuomo Hires Consultants to Develop “Trump Proof” Plan So Economy Can Reopen on New York’s Terms

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has hired McKinsey & Company to produce “models on testing, infections and other key data points that will underpin decisions on how and when to reopen the region’s economy” according to government sources who spoke to Reuters.

“McKinsey, like so many other businesses, is committed to supporting the response to the crisis,” a company spokesman told reporters.

Cuomo’s efforts for his state begins just after seven East Coast states formed a coalition, led by New York, to develop a plan to reopen their respective economies. The three governors on the West Coast have created a similar plan, and together these 10 states make up 38 percent of the national economy.

“We think Trump ultimately will blink on this, but if not, we need to push back, and we are reaching out to top experts and other professionals to come up with a bullet-proof plan,” said a Cuomo adviser.

Cuomo has extended “New York on Pause”––the name for the statewide shutdown––through May 15.

“I don’t want to project beyond that period––that’s about one month, one month is a long time. People need certainty and clarity so they can plan. I made a coordinated action plan with the other states,” Cuomo said earlier today.

President Donald Trump plans to release new guidelines telling states they can lift their stay-at-home orders at their discretion before the May 1 deadline, news that has sparked anger among the public and garnered criticism from the medical community. The president often touted the strength of his economy before the novel coronavirus pandemic upended it.

“We’re going to be announcing guidelines, and we’ll be talking about various states, and it’s very exciting,” Trump said yesterday. “We will be the comeback kids, all of us, all of us. It’s incredible, what’s going on. “Tomorrow is going to be a very big day … We will have some openings that will … exceed our expectations, and they will be safe.”

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