Trump Hit With Devastating Ad For Giving PPE To China As US Healthcare Workers Die

Trump is hammered by an ad that accurately points out that he gave 17.8 tons of vital medical supplies to China as US healthcare workers die from Coronavirus.

A narrator says, “Everyone knew they lied about the virus. China. President Trump gave China his trust. And Trump gave China more than praise. He shipped China 17 tons of American masks and medical supplies. Our masks and medical supplies. Supplies we need now. Trump trusted China, sent China our supplies, and just look at the mess we’re in now.”

The ad from American Bridge:

Trump’s campaign has been trying to turn Biden into some kind of China lover and putting reports in conservative media that Biden has a “China problem,” which is more classic Trump attempted projection of his problems onto his opponent.

As this ad reveals, Trump gave vital supplies that American healthcare workers needed to China. Americans are on the frontlines of this fight are getting sick and dying because of Trump putting China first.

The only person with a China problem on the ballot in November is Donald Trump.

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