Opinion: America deposed Saddam Hussein for doing what Trump is guilty of now

One of the justifications for the Bush Administration’s Iraq invasion was because a vicious dictator, Saddam Hussein, was guilty of killing his own citizens. It was the same justification Trump used for launching a slew of missiles at an abandoned airfield in Syria – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was alleged to have killed innocent men, women, and children during a civil war exacerbated by Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

Now, there is clear documented evidence that despite warnings from his own National Security Council, infectious disease experts, and the Pentagon, Trump’s malicious narcissism has resulted in thousands of American men, women and children dying unnecessarily. As many commentators and pundits alike have noted, Trump has thousands of American citizens’ blood on his tiny hands. The prescient question then is: Why are Republicans not clamoring for regime change and taking immediate, drastic action to depose Donald J. Trump for wantonly killing innocent American men, women and children?

Although Trump did not create COVID-19, he was certainly aware of just how dangerous inaction would be as well as the deadly consequences of doing nothing. That lack of action fits the general requirements to charge and convict any American in every state of the Union of “criminally negligent homicide.”

As noted by legal experts, criminally negligent homicide does not focus on the “intentional conduct to kill a human being.” Instead, it “addresses situations where a defendant is aware of a situation, knows it’s dangerous, but ignores a risk that results in a death of another.

In Trump’s case, despite being well aware of the dangerous, deadly COVID-19 situation and the risk of doing nothing, his actions, and lack thereof, have already resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American citizens. It is also noteworthy that because Trump was and still is criminally negligent, the case is better described as “criminally negligent mass murder.” Any second rate prosecutor would have little problem earning a conviction against a criminal like Trump based on the mountain of evidence, much of it from Trump’s own mouth, that he was aware of a situation, he knew it was dangerous, and yet ignored that risk resulting in the death of thousands of Americans.

The level of Trump’s “criminal negligence” is well-documented at this point and every day brings new disclosures describing exactly how criminally-negligent Trump was, and still is, by pretending the pandemic was a “Democratic and media hoax.” Despite the daily revelations regarding what Trump knew and when, there is the report he did not want to do anything to protect American lives. His initial response was just letting the virus “wash over the country;” an idea that prompted Dr. Anthony Fauci to inform Trump that allowing the virus to spread unimpeded would result in millions of dead Americans. Tragically, there is growing sentiment among Trump’s Republican allies to put an end to all efforts to contain the deadly contagion and gleefully accept thousands of more dead Americans as a cheap price to pay to help Trump’s reelection.

It is noteworthy to mention that even prior to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, Trump maliciously ignored, and vehemently opposed, warnings from health and security experts in his own corrupt administration warning him of the folly of cutting funding to agencies tasked with fighting a global pandemic.

In a commentary explaining how America’s coronavirus crisis was a “man-made disaster,” the author lays out, in fine detail, exactly why Trump is guilty of criminally negligent homicide; not only by refusing to act immediately on learning of the threat to Americans, but also by eliminating agencies and processes created specifically to address a global pandemic and save thousands of American lives.

There are plenty of other aspects of Trump’s regime that are, at least, similar to that of Saddam Hussein whether it is granting unwarranted powers to his children or diverting taxpayer money directly to Trump, his children, and his organization’s coffers. Those aspects of Trump’s tenure in the White House, combined with his flagrant negligence resulting in the loss of American lives is exactly why Trump is no different, and certainly no better, than Saddam Hussein and warrants him being deposed and then tried for criminal negligent homicide on a massive scale.

It is true that Trump did not use poison gas on American citizens, but like Saddam his deliberate actions are responsible for the massive loss of American lives.

As an aside, it is remarkable that Trump was also duly warned, over and over, that failing to act immediately to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus would lead to an economic disaster affecting America and the world. Because he deliberately refused to act, tens of millions of Americans are out of work and desperate for federal assistance to survive. To make matters worse, hardworking Americans are suffering while Trump and Republicans are handing out hundreds-of-billions of taxpayer dollars to corporations, banks, and worst of all, churches.

Americans were led to believe that Saddam Hussein was a legitimate monster that required America’s military to invade a sovereign nation and topple the dictator; for stealing money from regular Iraqis to bolster his opulent lifestyle, and for killing innocent Iraqi citizens who opposed his dictatorship. Those actions, and a load of neo-con lies, convinced Americans to support invading Iraq, depose its tyrannical dictator, and force his children to flee the country.

That being the case, there is no reason whatsoever to excuse Republican malfeasance in supporting Trump, or for failing to depose the tyrant, force his children to leave America, and convict the mass murderer for criminally-negligent homicide costing tens-of-thousands of innocent American citizens their lives.