Pelosi Calls Out Trump’s Fake Stay At Home Protests Distraction

Speaker Pelosi said that the stay at home order protests that are being carried out by Trump supporters are a distraction from Trump’s virus failures.

Speaker of the House Pelosi (D-CA) said on ABC’s This Week, “I wouldn’t exaggerate the protests across the country. There are some in some places, largely where there is a Democratic governor, but I think of it largely as a distraction, and the president’s embrace of it as a distraction from the fact that he has not appropriately done testing, treatment, contact tracing.”


Just as Trump’s election wasn’t about economic anxiety among white people, the stay at home order protests isn’t about people wanting to get back to work at the expense of their health. The protests are following the same fake astroturf model that the tea party protested in 2010 used. They are being organized by conservative group supporters against mostly Democratic governors.

They haven’t drawn huge and massive crowds, because they are being organized by the same far-right fringe that Trump caters to.

The protests need to be called what they are, a fake political operation to cover up Trump’s coronavirus response failures.

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