Stacey Abrams Rips Brian Kemp For Reopening Georgia As Virus Cases Surge


Stacey Abrams called Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) incompetent after he announced that he is reopening the state within a week, even as coronavirus cases surge.

Abrams tweeted:


Kemp announced that everything from gyms, to hair salons to bars and restaurants, would be open again in a week. Abrams is right Kemp’s decision is dangerously incompetent. The state doesn’t have the capacity by any metric to handle a surge in coronavirus cases.

Elections have consequences. If Kemp hadn’t cheated Abrams out of the governor’s mansion, this conversation would not be happening right now. Thousands of Georgians could needlessly die because Brian Kemp is the governor instead of Stacey Abrams.

Kemp, like many other red-state governors in tripping over his own two feet to fall in line with Trump’s coronavirus messaging. This isn’t politics as usual. It’s life and death. People will die, as the virus will surge in states that lift restrictions too soon.

Republicans are more interested in keeping Trump happy than protecting their citizens. Brian Kemp must be held accountable for his deadly decision.

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