Trump Is Getting Depressed About His Poor Approval Ratings

Trump sounded depressed as he talked about the polls he sees and the poor marks he is getting from voters for his failed coronavirus response.

Trump said during the daily coronavirus, but not really about coronavirus, briefing after being asked about Gov. Cuomo coming to DC to meet with him:

I don’t know. He wanted to. Believe it or not, we get along, okay? He was very generous yesterday in particular. He said we did a, quote, phenomenal deal, I don’t know if anybody wrote that but I appreciate that, because it’s not about me, it’s about these people and thousands behind Mike and the admiral and all of the other people that are working with us. Look, I don’t understand, when I see, uh, polling and approval ratings for the job, this group should get a 95, it really should. And we’re really helping the governors a lot. And the governors call me. The ones I know or the Republicans. But the ones I know. And they say, it’s incredible, the job you’re doing. Again, not me, the job this group is doing.


What many journalists and observers don’t appreciate about Trump is that he believes his own lies. Donald Trump truly believes that his coronavirus response has been great and that he deserves a 95% approval rating for leading the world in coronavirus cases and deaths.

Trump is getting depressed, because the realization is setting in that the virus isn’t going to magically go away, and people will forget about his failures.

Trump is trying to blame Joe Biden and China because he can’t run on his own coronavirus response record.

Donald Trump is bumming because he thought that the American people would never notice that he is an incompetent president.