Trump Supporting Protesters Spell Pennsylvania Wrong At Stay At Home Protest

A fake stay at home order protest in Pennsylvania that was organized by people from Ohio contained protest signs with Pennsylvania misspelled.

This is what was taking to the streets in Harrisburg, PA and violating the stay at home order:

The protest is an astroturf stunt pulled out of the tea party playbook and is being run by the same people.
The “event” was organized by a guy from Ohio:

I’m definitely not going to be out there shouting at people for not wearing masks,” said Chris Dorr, organizer of a rally at the statehouse. “This is a free country, right?”

Dorr, an Ohio gun activist, created the Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine Facebook group earlier this week to give people a voice. On Thursday morning, the page had 20,000 members. By Friday afternoon, it had more than 46,000.

The “protest” drew hundreds, not thousands, to Harrisburg, and given the fact that some people carrying signs at the event couldn’t spell the name of the state they were in, there is good chance that many of those in attendance were not from Pennsylvania.

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