Trump Just Expressed More Sympathy For Tyrant Kim Jong Un Than He Ever Did For John McCain

During Tuesday’s coronavirus pep rally at the White House, Donald Trump expressed concern for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, whose health is reportedly in “grave danger” after undergoing surgery.

“Look, I just hope he’s doing fine,” the president said. “I mean, I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un.”

As Aaron Rupar of Vox noted on Twitter, “Trump expressed more concern about Kim Jong Un’s health than he did about John McCain’s when McCain had cancer.”

Video of Trump’s well-wishes for the North Korean dictator:

Trump said:

Look, I just hope he’s doing fine. I mean I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un and that’s to the benefit of the country. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. And I’d like to see him be well. And we’ll see how he does. Again, I don’t know that the reports are true. … You know, I hope he does well.

Trump treats murderous dictators better than war heroes

Since early in his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has shown a complete lack of respect for John McCain, a man who fought and nearly died for his country.

When McCain passed away in 2018, Trump refused to release an official White House statement that referred to the late Arizona senator as a “hero.”

Nearly a year after McCain’s death, Trump kept his attacks up. During a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, he suggested that McCain was in hell because he didn’t vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Meanwhile, Trump has consistently heaped praise on Kim Jong Un, a man who has executed hundreds of his own people since taking power, all because the North Korean leader stroked his ego in a love letter.

Donald Trump has always hated John McCain because he knows he’ll never be as revered as the late senator was and still is. And Trump has always expressed admiration for Kim Jong Un because – deep down – he aspires to be that type of strongman.

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