Trump’s Own Advisers Call Lack Of Virus Testing The Final Nail In His Coffin

Both White House and Trump advisers say that Trump’s incompetent response on coronavirus testing is the final nail in an almost closed political coffin.

Via Politico:
More than five weeks into a devastating shutdown of the U.S. economy, Trump’s aides and advisers inside and outside his administration now view disapproval of his preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic as his biggest political liability heading into the 2020 election.


“If the testing does not get sorted out as soon as possible, it will be another nail in an almost closed coffin,” said one Republican close to the White House who argued messaging alone cannot solve the political challenge it presents for Trump.

The Trump administration has repeated its pattern of veering from response to response with no consistency on the issue of coronavirus testing. The White House has lied about the number and availability of tests, blamed governors for lack of testing, and even sent states testing equipment and refused to give them an adequate number of cartridges to carry out mass testing.

As states like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and others rush to reopen, more people are going to get sick and die. The coronavirus and the recession that it has caused aren’t going to go away before election day. Trump continues to try to talk instead of governing.

Even those closest to the president are admitting that his political coffin is almost nailed shut, and the lack of virus adequate virus testing will be the final failure that will make Trump a one-term president.