Joe Biden: Trump Should Be ‘Working Around the Clock’ as the Economy ‘Sheds Millions of Jobs’

Joe Biden thinks the President should be working 24/7 as the U.S. unemployment rate continues to rise. The former vice president accused Donald Trump of doing nothing.

Unemployment claims have risen to around 26.5 million following reports today that a further 4.4 million people filed for assistance. This figure is unprecedented.

Biden said in a statement that every unemployment number represented “a life thrown into uncertainty” and ” community worried about how it will recover.”

“Every worker left wondering when they will next see a paycheck is part of this American crisis – and Donald Trump isn’t doing enough for them,” he said.

“Instead of standing by while the economy sheds millions of jobs each week during this pandemic, Trump should be working around the clock to keep as many people as possible attached to their jobs.”

“That’s what I would be doing if I were in the Oval Office right now. ”

Biden said Trump is failing to use the CARES Act to keep Americans on payroll.

“I would be doing everything in my power to expand short-time compensation programs for workers,” Biden said.

He explained that he would use the tools in the act to keep people in their jobs, while helping businesses. He called this “employment insurance” and slammed Trump for not adopting the idea.

“Trump hasn’t done anything discernible to make this happen,” Biden said.

“Instead, the entirely predictable has occurred: state unemployment systems are being stretched beyond capacity, and workers are anxiously waiting for their checks as the bills pile up. ”

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