Trump Claims Only Blue States Are Struggling With Coronavirus Fallout


During Thursday’s coronavirus briefing at the White House, Donald Trump made the ludicrous suggestion that only blue states are having “trouble” dealing with economic fallout from the virus.

“It is interesting that the states that are in trouble do happen to be blue,” he said. “It is interesting.”

Trump’s comments were a nod to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who said that the federal government should let Democratic-controlled states go bankrupt instead of giving them financial assistance.

“The states that seem to have the problem happen to be Democrat,” Trump said.



Trump said:

I’m open to ideas that are going to be great for the people of this country. And if we can help states, we’re always going to help states. Now there is different ways of helping states. Some ways are better than others. So we’re looking. It is interesting that the states that are in trouble do happen to be blue. It is interesting. If you look around. The states that seem to have the problem happen to be Democrat. … New York and New Jersey were in a lot of trouble long before the plague came. They had a lot of problems long before the plague came. I spoke with Governor Cuomo about it. Spoke to Governor Murphy about it. I spoke with Gavin Newsome about it. And I’m speaking to a lot of people about it. Because it’s probably going to be the next thing on the list. A lot of people understand very well what Mitch is saying, and they also understand the other side of the problem. And I’ll be speaking about it. We’re going the the right thing for our country. The right thing for our country and for a lot of great people. Okay?

Trump thinks he’s only president of red states

First of all, it’s flat out false to suggest that only blue states are grappling with dire economic conditions following  the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

States like Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Indiana and Texas – GOP-controlled states that Trump carried in 2016  – haven’t just been hit by the virus, but they’re among the states with the most unemployment claims over the past month.

And even if it is the case that only blue states are affected – which, again, isn’t true – so what?

Presidents take an oath to protect and defend the United States of America, not just the handful of states with governors that happen to be in the same political party.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about any state that didn’t contribute to his Electoral College victory in 2016.

That hasn’t changed, even in the face of a deadly pandemic that has left tens of thousands of Americans dead and millions without a job.

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