Kamala Harris’ New Video Fuels Running Mate Speculation

Senator Kamala Harris’ new video has led to speculation she’s auditioning for vice president. Joe Biden has said he will choose a woman as his running mate.

The California senator released the video on Twitter on Friday. This is usually a slow news day and perhaps an opportunity for Harris to garner attention she wouldn’t otherwise get during a busy news cycle.

“Right now we need a president that speaks truth, embraces science, and lifts people up,” Harris tweeted.

Watch the video:

“Trump is incapable of any of that.”

The video is a section from Harris’ Thursday interview with MSNBC’s Brian Williams. Though her comments were widely circulated yesterday, her decision to flag the interview again with her own account led some users to wonder if she’s pitching for Biden’s VP slot.

“The winning VP audition? I would think so,” said conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin has been a vocal critics of Donald Trump

The section Harris chose to highlight focuses on leadership. She harshly criticizes President Donald Trump and specifically mentions Biden’s leadership.

“We are looking to Joe Biden for leadership in November,” Harris said.

The Democrat, who briefly ran for president herself, remains the bookies’ favorite for the vice presidential nod.

Harris video comes on the same day the conservative National Review warned that Biden might let Reverend Al Sharpton pick his running mate. The once anti-Trump publication named Harris on a “shabby list of Democrats who have enabled and embraced Sharpton.”

Biden himself has committed to a female running mate. This week he said his choice could also be a person of color.

“I’ve committed there will be a woman of color on the Supreme Court,” Biden said. “Doesn’t mean there won’t be a vice president as well.”

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