Former House Republican Says Trump Is Dangerous To The American People


Former Rep. David Jolly said that the message that Trump is delivering to the country is dangerous to the American people.

Jolly said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

In some ways, it’s good that Donald Trump is confined to his room. Most people who suggest you should inject Lysol into your veins would be in their room or another institution. I understand this plays poorly with the psychology that apparently he’s kept up in his room, but so are the American people. And you know what, the American people aren’t complaining.

The American people are asking for the advice of public health officials. Donald Trump notwithstanding that he said this was 15 people and was going to go to zero and the hydroxychloroquine recommendation and now the Lysol recommendation, the reality is the message from Donald Trump is dangerous. It conflicts with that of our public health officials and the less we hear from the president the safer we are.



Trump’s briefings are live streams of lies, misinformation, and potentially deadly advice that if followed would get people killed. Trump spends most of his days watching cable news, and using briefings that were supposed to inform the public during a public health crisis as a platform to deliver a political rebuttal to reality.

The American people would be much safer if Trump were to be locked in his bedroom with his TiVo and Diet Cokes until his term expires in January 2021.

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