Trump Comes Unglued And Accuses Fox Of Using Democratic Talking Points


The Sunday meltdown continued as Trump attacked Fox News and claimed that his favorite is network is repeating and being fed Democratic talking points.

Trump tweeted:


Trump was completely off the rails. In three tweets he attacked, Fox News, Chris Wallace, Paul Ryan, Chuck Todd, and Margaret Brennan. The President’s tweets about his press coverage also confirm a New York Times story that he attacked earlier in the day that detailed his anger at Fox News because he feels that their coverage isn’t flattering enough.

Trump has also gone off on a rant about journalists who won Nobel Prizes for their reporting on the Russia scandal.

Without a pep rally disguised as a pandemic briefing to occupy his time, Trump is losing it all over Twitter. He’s coming unglued because the coronavirus has exposed his incompetence and wrecked the facade of the Trump presidency.

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