Trump In Free Fall As Wisconsin, Arizona, and Florida All Could All Go Blue

The Trump campaign has already written off Michigan, and now they are worried about losing Wisconsin, Arizona, and Florida to Joe Biden.

Via The AP:
The coronavirus has threatened to rewrite the Electoral College map, and Trump’s campaign has become concerned about losing support in several key swing states, particularly Florida and Wisconsin. Some advisers have all but written off Michigan, which Trump captured in 2016 by fewer than 11,000 votes. He is now locked in a feud with the state’s Democratic governor.

In former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump faces a presumptive Democratic nominee whose promises of across-the-aisle outreach and pragmatic, experienced-based management may play well in several battlegrounds states. That includes Arizona, which has a vast suburban population uneasy with the constant Trump drama, tweets and base plays.

Michigan looks lost to Trump, and given Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania roots and decades-long courtship of voters, the Keystone State may not be an option for Trump for much longer.

Florida is the state that would be most difficult for Democrats to flip given the aggressiveness of the Republican voter suppression campaign, but Wisconsin and Arizona are both in play.

Trump has to keep the 2020 Electoral College map exactly the same as 2016. If states start to flip that Trump carried four years ago, his entire strategy will collapse.

The political gravity of a national health emergency, a collapsing economy, and an unpopular presidency have sent Trump’s political future into a free fall from which there may be no recovery.

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