As Trump Rages And Pats Himself On The Back, Biden Reaches Out To ICU Nurse Battling Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak in the United States has altered the way this presidential campaign has been conducted over the past two months, but that hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from using whatever tools he has to connect with people.

According to new reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Biden reached out to an intensive care nurse using Zoom, and the two spoke for nearly an hour.

“He was so compassionate and so caring and just really, really took the time to listen,” ICU nurse Monica Watry said of Biden, according to the report. “We video chatted for over 45 minutes, and then he called my cellphone right afterward and talked to my kids and talked to my husband, and he just really took the time to hear us.”

More from the Journal Sentinel:

Watry said Biden listened as she talked about the stress and fear facing her and other health care workers as they cope with an onslaught of coronavirus patients and deaths, and the toll her long hours at work has taken on her family.

“I admire the hell out of what you’re doing,” Biden told her during the chat.

Watry said she’s been “very tired and very overwhelmed,” but praised her call with Biden as “very refreshing.”

“To have a personal video phone call from the former vice president and future president was phenomenal,” she said in the interview. “It was amazing.”

Biden’s campaign released a portion of his conversation with Watry on Tuesday.

In the clip, the former vice president praised the nurse for the work she’s doing and got emotional when discussing his own personal losses.

Biden said one thing that got him and his family through the tragedies was the front-line health care professionals that gave them hope, even in the darkest moments.


Meanwhile, Trump is unraveling in real time

Donald Trump has spent much of this crisis airing grievances, patting himself on the back, and pushing quack cures for the coronavirus. When he bothers to mention the growing death toll, he only does so to brag that it’s not higher.

Over the past few weeks, as the president struggles to control the narrative around the pandemic, he has been unraveling before the country’s eyes – all on live television during his coronavirus press briefings.

There is no question that moments of crisis either bring out the best or the worst in our leaders.

In Donald Trump, the American people have watched an unfit president implode under the weight of his incompetence. His intellectual and moral shortcomings have been completely laid bare.

In Joe Biden, the country has seen a leader with both the experience and empathy to manage such a crisis.

The choice voters face in November couldn’t be any clearer.

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