Mayo Clinic Forced To Delete Tweet Telling Pence He Had To Wear A Mask

The Mayo Clinic tweeted and then deleted a tweet stating that they told Mike Pence about their mask policy when the VP was shown not wearing a mask.

Pence toured the Mayo Clinic and was the only person in the video who was not wearing a mask. Pence was also not practicing social distancing, but he did avoid shaking hands.

Here is the deleted tweet, because nothing ever really goes away on the Internet:

Someone at the Mayo Clinic posted the tweet because they wanted the world to know that Pence was told the policy, and violated it. The Vice President should have been well aware of the policy because he is in charge of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

One can be certain that the administration said something as soon as the tweet from the Mayo Clinic was seen.

Pence’s stunt, likely made Trump happy, but it backfired on the administration. Pence looked like a virus denier as he was in a room surrounded by people who were wearing masks.

Mike Pence is modeling that Donald Trump wants. Trump is hoping that America forgets the coronavirus, and doesn’t hold him accountable for his incompetent response.

Pence didn’t project reassurance by not wearing a mask.

He demonstrated how out of touch the entire administration is with reality.

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