Trump’s Electoral Map Is Imploding As Biden Surges To A 5-Point Lead In North Carolina

Another red state appears to be drifting out of Donald Trump’s column, according to a new survey released on Tuesday.

Data from SurveyUSA, an A-rated pollster, shows that voters in North Carolina prefer Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a five-point margin, 50 percent to 45 percent.

For context, Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the Tar Heel State by more than three percentage points in 2016.

If Biden wins the state in November, it will be the first time a Democrat has carried the state since Barack Obama turned it blue in 2008.

Trump’s coronavirus disaster is bringing him down

For the Trump campaign, the most alarming data points in the poll are those related to the coronavirus outbreak that the president has so disastrously mismanaged.

“Seventy percent of likely voters said President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic would factor into how they will vote for president,” WRAL News reports.

Among those voters who say Trump’s handling of the outbreak will factor into their vote, Biden leads by nearly 30 percentage points, 61 percent to 34 percent.

In other words, Trump’s bungling of the pandemic is political kryptonite.

Losing North Carolina would be the end of the Trump presidency

There is almost no scenario in which Donald Trump gets reelected in November without having won the state of North Carolina.

After all, as of right now, Trump’s own campaign has all but written off Michigan – which he won in 2016 – and they are watching his poll number plummet in Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and even Arizona.

According to, Biden currently leads Trump in all of those key swing states. He can’t afford to starting falling behind in North Carolina, too.

Six months is a lifetime in politics. These poll numbers can and will change in the weeks and months ahead. But as of now, the Electoral College map Donald Trump hoped for in this election has officially been turned upside down.

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