Trump Incompetence Kills More Americans In 2 Months Than Vietnam Did In 9 Years

Donald Trump claims to be at war with the coronavirus, but more Americans have died in two months of the virus war than died in nine years in Vietnam.

The grim statistic from Larry Sabato:

It took nine years and two presidents to kill as many Americans in Vietnam as Trump has managed to kill with his incompetent response to the coronavirus, and the sad reality is that the Trump administration isn’t improving or learning anything.

Vice President Mike Pence didn’t wear a mask when visiting the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday even though he was informed of the hospital’s mask policy before he arrived.

Trump shifts between Herbet Hooveresque happy talk and unfounded optimism, and the complete ineptitude of presidents like LBJ and George W. Bush who also failed at being a wartime president. The difference is that the current war wasn’t caused by a terrorist attack or Cold War tensions. The virus war was lost by presidential ineptitude. Trump gave the virus a 70-day head start and has been playing catch up ever since.

Donald Trump has now led America to the worst economy since the Great Depression, and the most deaths since Vietnam.

At his current pace, Trump’s presidency will go down in history as the worst thing to happen to the United States since the Civil War.

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